Metaland OÜ is an international manufacturer, specializing in welding and assembly of large steel structures in Estonia and Northern Europe.

We meet our Clients’ demands through the use of:

  • Modern and efficient equipment
  • Experienced workforce and management
  • Qualified suppliers and subcontractors

We have a flexible approach to resource planning, and value strategic partnerships in a form of:

  • Serial production
  • Customized production, based on a rolling forecast
  • Project-by-project cooperation

We work with the Clients’ from various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Civil engineering
  • Energy
  • Numerous manufacturing industries

We follow both our Clients’ project requirements and international norms.

Our company integrates proprietary and outsourced technologies & capacities in order to offer you:

  • Complete range of prefabrication services
  • Machining of components and weldments, that require high accuracy
  • Any additional service to perform a turn-key delivery