About us

Our company offers complete range of services and delivers products to our Clients on a turn-key basis.

Our workshop

Key services:

  • Project management
  • Engineering support
  • Steelwork fabrication
  • Anticorrosive protection
  • Logistics
  • Quality assurance

Metaland OÜ specializes in manufacturing and assembly of steel structures for civil engineering and numerous manufacturing industries. We manage projects of a different level of complexity and scale. Our experienced workforce is committed to a successful realization of strict requirements set by our Clients.

Where can you find samples of our work?

  • First of all – architectural structures. Areas of our expertise include lattice girders, beams, columns, platforms, railings, stairs and various frames.
  • Material handling equipment is another example. We deliver components and subassemblies for pulp and paper, material processing, air cleaning systems.

We are fully equipped to manufacture all types of steelwork. Our fabrication facilities allow us to deliver a wide range of high quality products and services. Being a flexible supplier we apply various procurement strategies. Certain services, materials and/or components can be purchased either by us or our Client.
We are known as an efficient manufacturer, who keeps quality, delivery time and price in balance.